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I’ve so been looking forward to sharing this post with you! As most of you probably know by now, my first real job (besides summer concessions at the local pool) was selling wedding dresses as a bridal consultant. I started this job during the very end of my senior year of high school and worked there throughout all four years of college. And if you haven’t heard it from me already, I loved that job.

Looking back, I think about how young I was to be working with brides and their families for one of the most important days of their lives. However, my co-workers/friends and I were so passionate about the wedding industry and bridal gowns, and we truly wanted to craft the best experience for our brides. Plus, we loved getting new bridal gowns in the mail and shamelessly trying all of them on. You know, market research.

To this day, I still have such a passion for bridal gowns – I like to call them my first true love in the wedding industry. I love learning about new designers, and it’s so fun to watch the trends over time. (Anyone remember crumb catcher necklines and bubble skirt hems?) There are some seriously beautiful gowns out there, and I’ve narrowed down a few of the wedding trends that I’ve been watching. [Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some major fashion trend forecaster, and I’m not trying to say these are top secret 2019 trends coming soon, but I do think these are trends that have been and will continue showing up in weddings. Plus I just really like them, so enjoy this personal opinion piece! :)]

1. Modern Traditional

I started noticing this trend pre-Meghan Markle, but I absolutely think she solidified it as a major trend. I’m talking about sleek, matte satin wedding dresses without embellishments – gowns that really let the bride’s natural beauty shine. Popular styles include high necklines, long sleeves, fitted silhouettes, low backs, and/or side sheer panels. One of my personal favorites is the Sadie gown by Made with Love. This dress is a bit more daring, with a plunging front-back neckline and a high slit front and center. I just love the way the material moves while still being beautifully form-fitting. Another great option that’ll give you sexy Meghan Markle vibes is the Sunsets Forever gown from Sarah Seven. I love the high neckline and long sleeves, but what really does it for me is the open back and side cutouts.

2. Adventurous Bohemian

I’m sure you’ve noticed the boho trend is in full swing. Dark and moody with flower crowns and macrame on a mountain top is all the rage right now. And I’m here. for. it. As a result, there are gorgeous bridal gowns entering the market that fit this aesthetic perfectly, and one of my most recent favorite designers is Grace Loves Lace. Basically the entire website is one beautiful collage of dresses that would be perfect for the bride who wants an effortless, boho chic wedding dress that will travel wherever her exotic wedding plans lead to. In the spirit of being, well, free-spirited, there are a couple gowns that stand out to me: the Inca, the Sol, the Megan, and the Edie. Man, that was tough to narrow down.

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3. Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

Similar to the trend above, the off-the-shoulder trend is one that exudes a sort of casual elegance. In my opinion, wedding dresses with off-the-shoulder sleeves or embellishments look so romantic and glamorous and sexy, but also so laid-back and cool and maybe even a little edgy sometimes. I don’t know, maybe I’m overselling them, but just take a look at a few gowns for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. Check out the Blake Gown from BHLDN (which is also a gorgeous take on the modern traditional trend!), this dress from Stella York, and of course numerous gowns from Grace Loves Lace, but especially the Paloma.

4. Bold Embellishments

Hayley Paige does an amazing job of incorporating bold embellishments that make a huge statement. There are a few gowns that I honestly thought had elaborate lace overlays, until I did a little research and realized they actually have intricate beading that gives the illusion of lace. So basically Hayley Paige is a sparkle ninja. There’s a lot to be said for gowns that have a true presence of their own, and when you wear a gown that stands out, everything else can be kept pretty minimal in terms of accessories. A few of my favorite Hayley Paige creations that speak to this trend are the Pascal, the Cleo, and the Warren. Again, very hard for me to narrow down my favorite Hayley Paige gowns, people.

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5. Crop Top/Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

This might be the most fun and unique wedding dress trend I’ve seen. I’m not particularly sure I could [or would want to] pull it off, but I do love the look and idea of it! Probably my favorite part is the fact that you could wear it again, for real. I once saw a blogger who wore the top of her wedding gown again – a super cute floral beaded crop top – with jeans and heels for their one year anniversary date. I just love that idea! BHLDN has a whole Bridal Separates section where you can build your own unique look. I love the simplicity and elegance of this wedding dress, and you could totally dress that bodysuit up for all kinds of different occasions!

Which of these trends would you wear on your wedding day? Which trends are you loving that aren’t on this list? Comment with the links to some of your favorite wedding dresses!

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  1. Hi Sara,
    There is something about wedding gowns that just make me happy. I’ve never worked as a bridal consultant but I would imagine working in a bridal shop I wouldn’t be able to resist trying every single gown on 🙂 I love to watch “Say Yes to the Dress,” It’s one of my favorite shows to watch! When I went for my gown, I ended up purchasing the very first one I tried on. I just knew it was the one! Looking at all the trends, I would have a hard time deciding today! I enjoyed this very much!

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