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It’s Election Day and the first polls just closed. A quick Google search just made me realize where I’d rather be instead – right here on my own pretty little website – and what I’d rather be doing while I wait out the madness – thinking and writing about my next post for you guys about something I love. Any ideas?

Well, if you’ve checked out my About Me page, it’s probably no surprise to you that it’s about time for a post about fashion. I’m a little overdue, because honestly I love shopping and clothes and accessorizing.

Current favorite boots and dress – more details in a future post!

I also love getting boxes in the mail, which is why I love Stitch Fix so much! For me it’s the best of both worlds. I get to happily and anxiously wait for my package to arrive, and then open it to find a surprise assortment of clothing! Win win. And if you’re one of those people that hates shopping? Win win win.

To me, the whole concept and process is so fun. Stitch Fix is a company that allows you to fill out a style profile, schedule a shipment, try on five items of clothing, jewelry, and/or shoes, keep what you like, and return what you don’t. It’s as simple as that.

They first ask you to take a style quiz that consists of a variety of different questions. For instance, how often do you dress for certain occassions, do you wear mostly jeans/pants or dresses, how adventurous do you want your Fix selections to be, etc. The quiz also gives you options for characterizing your clothing and accessory styles (classic, glamorous, boho, etc.), and then shows you specific groups of outfits and asks how you feel about each one. The quiz then asks about the types of fits/cuts you prefer and which features you like to show off (insert sassy salsa dancer emoji girl). Once you input your sizes and cost preferences, you’re ready to get real personal. For instance, you can choose to provide information about your occupation (so that work wardrobe selections are more personalized), and attach your social media profiles so the Stitch Fix stylists can really get a better idea of your style (Pinterest is especially helpful because you can repin Stitch Fix items!).

Screenshot from the Style Quiz on the Stitch Fix app
Screenshot from the Style Quiz on the Stitch Fix app

Don’t worry if you find yourself feeling locked into any of your selections. Once you’re ready to schedule your Fix, you can include notes about the specific items you’re looking for. I suggest scheduling Fixes when you have a special event or vacation or new job coming up! You can schedule whenever you feel like it, so you’re not stuck with fixed annual or monthly payments, or you can create a shipment schedule.

Each Fix costs $20, which goes towards any purchases you make. Pick your delivery date, and a stylist will begin choosing five different pieces of clothing, shoes, and/or accessories to send you. They rely heavily on your style profile and any notes you provide, so make sure your profile is updated and your notes are specific.

*Pro-tip: Once your box has been shipped, you can go to the app and choose Track Your Package OR choose “Already delivered? Begin checkout.” If you begin checkout, you can see the items that are coming in your box. I’m really sorry, Stitch Fix. I know that’s kind of going against your whole concept of surprise deliveries, but I have no patience or self-control when it comes to boxes in the mail, especially ones with pretty clothes.


After you receive the box, you have 3 business days to try everything on, and send back whatever you don’t like. I really try to keep at least one piece since the $20 fee goes towards a purchase – don’t let that go to waste! They recently started doing returns too, which is awesome. Once you’ve picked your favorite pieces, you’re ready to check out. This process is SO easy on the app. You just select keep or return and write a little info about what you did and didn’t like about each item. If you really liked your Fix overall, you can request the same stylist by name next time you schedule a Fix! Finally, you can submit payment through the app, then put everything you didn’t keep in the enclosed return bag to send back through USPS. Done and done. (All of this can also be done online through the website of course.)

I wanted to share my recent Stitch Fix experience with you so you can see an example of the process and the items that may be delivered. The comments on each item are pretty much exactly what I shared with the stylist (minus a few characters, darn character limits).


I liked this shirt quite a bit because it’s simple and versatile. In the picture it looks like a black and white striped shirt, but it’s actually a darker olive perfect for fall. In the end, I decided to return it because the length was a little long on me, and the price was just a little too high (especially given the cost of the item I decided to keep, stay tuned).



I really wanted to like this skirt, and I did like the concept of having something corduroy and cozy for the fall, but it just didn’t do anything for my shape when I had it on. The length was a little awkward for me too. However, I liked the orangey-blush color for fall, and I can totally see a cute outfit complete with tights, boots, and a scarf, but it just wasn’t meant for me.



I actually liked these more when I put them on than when I first saw them (ahem, cheated and saw them before they arrived). The material was really soft and they fit great, but I already have two similar pairs (both in the same color but different heels). Also, the price was a little high for me at around $90.



I was so sad to package this one up and send it back. I really loved it, but I just couldn’t afford it after deciding on a different item to keep. It fit great, I loved the color and the soft herringbone pattern, and I really do need a blazer. The polka dot lining made it especially hard to resist. Maybe we’ll meet again someday, perfect blazer.




And the finale – the item I decided to keep! I loved this as soon as I put it on and I couldn’t wait to wear it to work the next day. It shows my figure – contrary to how the picture of it on the hanger makes it look straight and boxy – and I love that it’s professional and cute. It was definitely pricey for me at around $98, but so worth it. The whole reason I ordered this box was to celebrate my new job with new clothes!

I’ve been using Stitch Fix for several years now, and the quality of the clothes has been great. Almost every item has withstood the test of time, except for a couple pieces with more delicate stitching. Regardless, I still stand behind the quality, and I love having some unique pieces that I can’t find just anywhere.

One downside is the cost of the items. When comparing them with boutique prices, they’re completely reasonable. You just have to go into it with the mindset that some of the items may be a bit pricey compared to your usual shopping trip. Yep, unfortunately there are no discount codes or coupons with Stitch Fix, but you can join and use a referral link to share with friends. If they have an order shipped, you’ll get a $25 credit!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, feel free to use my referral link below.

Happy shopping!

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