My Heart is Full – And Growing Fuller

This is the phrase that kept coming to mind at the end of this past weekend. My heart is full.

As you may know via the bits of information shared throughout my introductory web pages, I recently started working as an Event Coordinator in the Alumni Engagement Office at my alma mater. To say I've been looking for a job like this for a very long time would be an understatement. Most of my family and friends know this all too well, and their support and encouragement has been never-ending along the way. I'll save the specifics of my journey for an upcoming post, but just know that the path to this job was not straight and narrow, it has not been easy, I was not miserable in my previous job, but I was ready for a change. And my heart is content.

In the same breath, I've wanted to do a few other things for a very long time too - wedding planning and blogging. Which is how you ended up here! Reading this post on this brand new website. It's so exciting to have a little virtual space of your own, something that is completely yours to do whatever you want with. Over the past month I've been working with a friend from my study abroad days, and she's been teaching me the ins and outs of starting a blog from scratch. I've been researching and designing and trying to be the best student I can be, while also navigating my new full-time job. It's been so wonderful reconnecting and working with her, and I look forward to learning so much more in the next two months!

To best explain the start of this journey, I'm taking you back to a post I wrote several months ago (read: impromptu mock-up blog post typed up at my cubicle/journal entry spilling my feelings). As you can see, it has still taken me almost 4 months to put pen to paper - or typeface to computer screen - but my feelings haven't changed. These words still resonate so much with me. Although it may be somewhat repetitive given what you already know about me, I felt that sharing this post would be the best grand opening for my blog. Something raw, honest, and uncomplicated. One of the most important things to realize is that it doesn't matter how long something takes you; it just matters that you start. So here's to a heart growing fuller.

6/15/2016 – 2:30pm

I’ll just start doing things I like and writing about them. And maybe you’ll like them too and we can be BFFs and share all the things. Or maybe you won’t which is totally cool, because the whole reason I didn’t start doing this sooner is because I didn’t know how to write about things that people would actually like. So I expected that. But that doesn’t matter to me anymore. It’s endlessly tiring to keep waiting to do the things you want to do until the right day, moment, reason, season you feel ready. It’s okay to do something without having a crystal clear vision of what it will look like or where it’ll take you.

For a longtime now I’ve wanted to start a blog that had a solid purpose and brand and image. I wanted it to be professional and well put-together. And although those things are still important to me (heck I love graphic design and pretty fonts and wonderful, relatable messages), I can’t keep waiting until the day when everything is just perfect. It’s okay for things to start somewhere and then grow and evolve and change. I might write about a certain topic one day, and maybe a few years down the road I’ll feel differently about that same topic. It’s okay. It’s time to do whatever makes me happy today. Right now. And what would make me happy is doing something I love – writing. (Oh and eating, but I’m sure we’ll get to that another day.)

I should mention… I’m not completely in the dark about things I like or what I want to write about. One thing I love is weddings. My dream career would be wedding planning, so one thought in creating this blog is why not get some of my ideas and knowledge out there so people actually trust me to plan the biggest day of their lives someday? Another more recent interest of mine is fitness and food. Okay let’s be honest, food has always been an interest, but I mean healthy food and exploring new recipes! You might also find yourself reading posts about my latest shopping splurges (read: bargains!), my hometown adventures exploring local sites and restaurants, my love, my family, my best friends, my puppy (okay my mom’s, but if I stole him he would totally be okay with it. Just kidding, Mom. :)), or maybe just coffee and the color pink. Your guess is as good as mine. Planning to just wake up each morning excited about finding my happy!

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