May 2017 Recap

Okay so…

Hi. I’m Sara. I like to talk about how much I love blogging and weddings, but sometimes I don’t like to sit down and do the damn thing.

I’m working on it.

Case in point, I just opened WordPress and noticed I started three different blog posts in late April/early May. How is it even possible that I haven’t got around to finishing them – or even working on them – over a month later? Well, there are lots of reasons, but mostly May was cray. (And I ate a lot, hence the perfect cover photo.)

I’m not going to get into too much detail right now, because then I might leave yet another post unfinished, but here’s the basic rundown.

The first weekend in May my boyfriend and I went salsa dancing on Friday, and then we went to a couples’ shower back in my boyfriend’s hometown on Saturday. We spent the weekend there, which is always a nice change of pace.

The following weekend, my mom and I went to Michigan for Mother’s Day. We’ve gone several times over the past couple years because we love it there, but have never made it in time for the Tulip Festival. This year we were just in time! (Maybe I’ll do a separate post with a more detailed recap of our trip; it was awesome and relaxing.)

After we returned on Monday, I was back on the road (well the train) that Wednesday for a work trip to Chicago. I always love going to the city; I still feel like a tourist every time since I’m not there very often. That Friday we went back to my boyfriend’s hometown for the wedding of said couple. It was beautiful!! They completely renovated a bus garage, and it was amazing.

The next weekend, I finally got a break from traveling, and got to enjoy a few events with family and friends. Oh, but can I first mention that I was hangin solo that Friday night, so I bought myself a pizza, rented Hidden Figures, enjoyed a bath bomb, and just relished in a little self-care? That was some good stuff.

Anyways, my mom and I celebrated our family friend’s son’s high school graduation on Saturday night, then Sunday we went to my cousin’s high school graduation and my other cousin’s summer kickoff party. It was a good day with family I don’t get to see super often! The following Tuesday was my mom’s birthday, so my boyfriend and I invited her over for grilled steak kabobs. Mmmm.

Finally (and now it’s June!), this past weekend I went to Chicago for work again, only this time I got to go to my first Cubs game! I’m not a baseball fan or huge sports fan in general, but I totally had an appreciation for being there and enjoyed the atmosphere. Plus, they hit a grand slam and won, so I guess you could say I’m good luck? We spent the whole weekend in Chicago, mostly eating our way through any restaurant that served carbs and cheese in various forms. Lou Malnati’s was had in all its cheesy gloriousness.

Annnnd now you’re caught up to speed! Like I said, not the most adjective-filled, picturesque description of my life, but you get the point. And I got these fingers movin on some writing, which is important. I hope to bring you some more substance soon!

Happy living!

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