How to Rock Your Role as Maid of Honor

One of my absolute all time favorite movies is My Best Friend’s Wedding. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched Julia Roberts get fitted for that tight, periwinkle bridesmaid dress and traipse around Chicago trying to steal Dermot Mulroney from the sweetest Cameron Diaz. This movie is such a classic, but let me tell you, Jules did not rock her role as maid of honor. In fact, she might’ve been the worst maid of honor of all time. Okay, eventually she came to her senses and made things right in the end, but still. I’m not here to tell you how to be like jealous Jules.

Instead, let’s talk about how you can freakin rock your role as maid of honor. Your bestie’s getting married, and she (or he!) has chosen you to stand by their side. That’s a big deal! Not only will you be there on the wedding day holding tissues and the bridal bouquet, but you’ll also be by her side throughout her wedding planning journey. Here are a few ways you can make sure you’re rockin’ your role.

Get to know the other bridesmaids!

In some cases, you may have grown up with all the ladies and you’re all super close. In other cases, you may only know the first names of the other bridesmaids and not much else about them. Regardless, your role as maid of honor is to lead the communication and break the ice. Plan some fun activities for everyone to do together before the wedding, or at least start a group chat and get the conversation going. Make sure everyone feels valued and comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions.

Be honest about time and money.

One of the most important things you can do from the very beginning is clarify your time and budget. If you have any concerns about how much time or money you can contribute to certain activities or the wedding, just be upfront and tell your friend. She will be glad you told her, and you will avoid any stress or resentment leading up to the wedding. At the same time, you should be realistic and open to the fact that weddings are a commitment. Be ready and willing to spend extra time helping your bestie feel her best.

Plan the bachelorette party.

Oh the bachelorette party. First of all, ask the bride what she wants to do. This step is very important. Yes, there are some cases where your friend might need to step outside her comfort zone and live it up a little. However, in most cases you should respect your friend’s wishes. If your friend isn’t the going out type and just wants a relaxing weekend staying in with her best girls, then that’s what you should do. Since the bachelorette party can be a huge expense, make sure to get everyone’s input and come to a final decision together. Most importantly, have a freakin blast!

Attend some vendor meetings and venue site visits.

As a bride, those appointments can be completely overwhelming, and it’s easy to forget to ask certain questions. As the maid of honor, you can help your friend envision her wedding day and talk through the logistics. You can point out things she might have missed, and you can ask the right questions to cover all the bases. I loved visiting my best friend’s wedding venue. It was so exciting to talk through everything and imagine her wedding day! One appointment you should definitely not miss is dress shopping, it’s the most fun!

Text yo girl.

Check in with the bride throughout her wedding planning journey. Really ask her how she’s doing, does she need help with anything, what is the thing that’s stressing her out the most… Weddings are such joyous and happy events, but they can also be very overwhelming and draining. Just make sure your friend is good. Send her a thoughtful text message, mail her a personalized bridal gift (like a cute wedding dress hanger with her new last name on it!), and put cocktails on the schedule every once in awhile.

Feeling ready to rock your role as maid of honor? Tell me one thing you’ll do this week to make your bridal bestie feel loved!


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How to Rock Your Role as Maid of Honor | Get to know the other bridesmaids, be honest about your time, and make your bridal bestie feel loved! |

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  1. I think when planning the bachelorette party that you need to be considerate of the bride, but also everyone that she is wanting to invite.

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