How many tabs do you have open?

Happy Monday!

Couple thoughts this morning:

  1. Is anyone else really bad at closing tabs and applications on their phone?

    Even though I try to remember to close them regularly, we still manage to go over our data more often than we should (and sometimes over our overage data), so apparently I’m not that good at it. Something seems fishy. Does anyone else have an issue with going over data, even though you feel like you’re closing apps and using WiFi most of the time?

  2. Speaking of tabs, does anyone else keep an unnecessary amount open on their computers too?

    I usually do, especially when I start doing research and getting inspired by other blogs and new ideas. I also have a bad habit of keeping all the tabs open on that browser window as a way of “saving” them for future use or reference. The reality is the next time I use my computer, my browser usually gives me that error window with the sad face asking me to kill the pages anyway. (Note to self: use bookmarks!)

  3. Does anyone else save too many digital ideas?

    Besides tabs, I also save favorite pictures/captions on Instagram, videos and articles on Facebook, recipe ideas and hairstyles on Pinterest, and the list goes on and on. I started using Pinterest more often again recently, and it got me thinking. All this inspiration is being saved, but it is actually inspiring me, or overwhelming me when I’m not doing anything with those ideas?

I feel like it’s way too common in today’s society for us to save tabs and ideas for later. Another day. The next party. The next paycheck. The next time we have extra time.

I’m completely guilty of this myself. And honestly, sometimes I feel like all these tabs are open in my head and clouding my goals and productivity. It can feel like all these ideas are swirling and I can’t find the focus to finish just one thing.

Saving more ideas on Pinterest lately has made me realize that we need to do something with these ideas. Take action and finish those projects. Chop that hair off. Organize that closet. Host that dinner party. Make that decadent dessert. Have some fun.

One thing that has helped me lately is writing things down. Anything and everything. One day I made a list of literally every single thing that was stressing me out, big or small. It ranged from money to the dirty fridge. On the following days, I made a list of everything I accomplished, big or small, keeping in mind the stressed-out list and trying to check off some of those things. It really helped clear my mind and made me feel accomplished at the end of the day!

So, it’s Monday. Write down everything that’s on your mind, clear some brain space, and start working towards some of those goals or projects you’ve been putting off. Feel good about the things you get done today, and don’t let the things you don’t take up any brain space. You need that space for something great.


How many tabs do you have open? | Take action and finish those projects. Chop that hair off. Organize that closet. Host that dinner party. Make that decadent dessert. Have some fun. |

1 thought on “How many tabs do you have open?”

  1. Ok, yes to all of this!! I am so guilty of leaving tabs open, especially on my phone. And I, too, go over my data a lot of the time thanks to mindless Instagram searching at work! I love your idea of writing things down. It makes total sense. I’ll definitely do that this weekend and use it tackle my week ahead. One thing currently stressing me out: eating too much sugar this week. Gotta get a handle on that. 🙂 Jessica,

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