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Can we all agree that it is just not easy to get to the gym when the weather starts getting colder? The more I get snuggled up and warm after a long day at work, the more lazy and unmotivated I feel – and let’s not even talk about waking up early in the morning to brave the frigid air. My best advice to avoid this winter pitfall is to workout first thing after work, or schedule classes/specific workout times into your day to keep you more accountable.

However, I’ve got another piece of advice you may or may not have heard before – something that just might get you out of the house in snow boots and leggings. I’m talking about cute workout clothes! For me, a cute, feel-good workout outfit can really provide a motivational boost. If I have nice, warm leggings to wear and a color-coordinated shirt to match, I can almost forget about those winter blues.

One of my favorite places to shop for workout clothes is Fabletics. You’ve probably seen it on your Facebook ads a bajillion times, promoting things like “First outfit for $25!” and “75% your first outfit!” I know, it really sounds too good to be true. But honestly, after I snagged that $25 outfit deal for my first purchase, the style and quality has kept me coming back again and again. Let me tell you how Fabletics works. (Pictures included for reference of my current collection!)

How Fabletics Works | The Membership Process and Some of My Favorite Things |
This is the first outfit I ever bought, still going strong.
Fabletics is a clothing company – founded and promoted by the wonderful Kate Hudson – that comes out with new prints and styles every month for women and men’s workout clothes, suitable for almost any activity. They also have athleisure and more casual, wear-everyday pieces like dresses and cardigans, and they even have swimwear!

You can purchase the clothes like you would from any other online retailer – or in their new stores that have been popping up! – but I recommend going the monthly VIP membership route. It costs $49.95 a month, and some benefits include up to 50% off all regular priced items, free shipping on orders over $49.95, exclusive members-only sales, and rewards points for purchases and reviews. They also have a VIP Gold membership, which I actually just realized I was selected for (not because I’m a high paying customer, I think just because it’s a new program). With VIP Gold, you get first dibs on special new styles such as the Winter Escape swimwear collection that just came out, early access to sales, exclusive shopping events, and “more surprises to come” they say.

How Fabletics Works | The Membership Process and Some of My Favorite Things |
This outfit was the only time I returned something. It came with a white top that just didn’t fit right/wasn’t worth the price, but I loved the rest!

To become a VIP member, you first create a style profile based on the types of workouts you do most and the color combinations you like best. Then, Fabletics chooses complete outfits for you each month with either 2 or 3 pieces in each outfit (top/bottom or top/bottom/bra). These outfits are simply recommendations; you can still put your $49.95 towards any of the other outfits from any collection.

In terms of pricing, the $49.95 will cover many super awesome outfits, but definitely not all. Some of the 3 piece outfits and outfits with larger items like jackets may cost upwards of $80-90. Personally, I try to stay in the $50-60 range, and I’ve loved the outfits I’ve gotten for that price. I can totally justify approximately $25 for a workout top and $25 for workout leggings, especially when they’re pieces that will stand the test of time.

How Fabletics Works | The Membership Process and Some of My Favorite Things |
I LOVE the back of this shirt and wear it constantly. I also love the print on the shorts, but I’m not crazy about doing certain workouts in them (like running).

Although there’s a monthly membership fee, you can skip each and every month if you like. You’re never obligated to buy an outfit; just make sure you skip before the 5th of each month. If you skip a month, you can still get VIP pricing if you decide to order something after the 5th. If you forget, the $49.95 will be charged to your account and will remain on your profile as credit towards your next outfit.

Something to keep in mind if you skip though: things can sell out pretty quickly, either in your specific size or the pattern you like, which is why it can be beneficial to go ahead and order at the beginning of each month to make sure you get what you want. Like right now, I’m browsing some of my favorite outfits, and the leggings I love are out of stock in the size and colors I would want. Heed my warning, ladies and gents.

How Fabletics Works | The Membership Process and Some of My Favorite Things |
This is probably my favorite outfit so far. I get a lot of compliments on the shirt and the leggings. The shirt has a twisted back so you can see the strappy sports bra!

Another great part about VIP membership is the ability to earn points on your purchases. You can earn 2 points for every dollar you spend, and earn 20 additional points for every product review you submit after receiving your purchase. For instance, I knew I had about 300 points (turns out 380), so I just noticed I can redeem those points for a free water bottle, hair ties, socks… So fun!

Now that you know how the whole thing works, let me just sum up a few of my favorite things about Fabletics:
  • Unique prints and styles – Right now many of the tops have on-trend cutouts, and some leggings have the mesh detailing I’m seeing all over Instagram.
  • Prints and styles change each month – It’s always so exciting to see what they’re going to come out with next; I love the themed patterns and details they choose (good marketing for sure – like I said, Kate Hudson). My friend and I often text each other with pictures of our favorite things at the beginning of each month.
  • Fit is perfect, especially the pants – Some people have said the pants run big, but so far everything has been true to size for me. I love the fact that they don’t slide down when I’m working on those burpees and jump squats.
  • Quality is great – I’ve owned several outfits for a couple years, and they’re still going strong. Pro-tip: don’t dry your workout pants, and maybe not your workout shirts either. I just find that this keeps the fit and color better, but once in awhile I do throw everything in the dryer, because there’s only so much room for hanging clothes around.
  • Pieces are versatile – I have been able to mix and match almost everything I’ve bought. Maybe I’m just a really good planner like that, but mostly I think they just do a good job in making versatile pieces, picking good color schemes, and creating well-coordinated outfits.
  • More than just workout clothes – When I first started using Fabletics a few years ago, it was mostly workout clothes, but they’ve really expanded their collections. Now they have sweater dresses and rompers I’ve clicked on many a times, and there’s a super cute swimsuit that might make me a believer in one-pieces.
How Fabletics Works | The Membership Process and Some of My Favorite Things |
This shirt also has an open back so you can see the sports bra. Clearly I’m all about the strappy, open back details.

Are you already a loyal Fabletics member? Or do you still have questions about how Fabletics works? I’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions! If you’re interested in trying it out, here’s my referral link:

Happy shopping! (and working out in cute clothes!)

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