The Not So Secret Secrets to Creating a Blog Strategy that Works for YOU! {Guest Post}

I am SO excited about today’s blog post! I have wanted to do a guest post for a really long time. More specifically, I have wanted to ask Ellie from Ellie Dole Custom Content Creation to write a blog post. When I looked back at my draft posts, I literally found one from May 3, 2018. It was titled “Guest blog post with Ellie – Professional Development”. So if you ever think you’re procrastinating, you’re not alone :). Glad I finally pursued it and Ellie was totally up for it!

If you haven’t noticed, I am very passionate about personal and professional development. I love talking to people about their career goals and starting their own businesses. If I can help people by sharing my own story, then this blog is absolutely worth it.

With that said, I felt like Ellie would be the perfect person to write my first guest blog post. She’s even got something special in it just for you! Enjoy!! xo

Written by Ellie Dole from Ellie Dole Custom Content Creation:

I have to say a quick thanks to Sara, the wedding and event planning queen, for asking me to spend a little time in her space. I love EVERYTHING she does. Today I couldn’t be more excited to share some of my favorite tips and tricks with you, her lovely followers!

Recently, Sara shared The Necessary but Not So Glamorous Steps To Starting a Business (if you haven’t read it yet, go NOW). So, to piggyback off of her expertise and help the dreamers and doers in her readership, I wanted to provide a few practical tips from the writing world about how to create a blog strategy that actually works!

And that’s where we find ourselves today.

Creating a blog, one that is successful and that people want to read, is no easy feat. In fact, it’s something I’m still working on myself! However, as a content writer and strategist (aka someone who writes blog posts and develops blog strategies for other people) I have found a few tricks that will make managing the mountain that is blogging a little less intimidating.

Want to hear them?

Let’s go!

Creating a successful blog doesn’t mean you have to “Go big or go home.”

So many people I talk to think that to have a successful blog they have to write three posts per week, create an e-book, and shoot videos to back up their content all in one fell swoop.

Those people are crazy.

The key to creating a killer content strategy is creating one that is manageable. So, instead of going gung ho and filling your schedule with unrealistic expectations, mark your calendar with projects you know you have the time to get done.

My Tip: Start with putting two 500-word blog posts on your calendar per month and build from there.

Sign a contract…with yourself.

Whether you are working a business and supporting it with a blog or building a blog as a side-hustle, somehow creating content for your readers always gets pushed to the back burner. It’s so easy to put other tasks (like work for your clients or creating dreamy mood boards) ahead of sitting down to write a post.

The hard truth (although it hurts) is that creating content HAS to be a priority if you want to make this “thing” work for you and you want to build an audience that adores you.

My Tip: Once you have put those two 500-word blog posts on your calendar, do everything you can to complete them by the date they are “due.” Don’t push them aside or let other things come before them. Drink all the coffee you need until they are finished.

Plan, plan, and plan some more.

Staring at a blank page is probably one of the most terrifying things ever – even for a professional writer. Blank pages will send you scrolling through Facebook procrastinating with the best procrastinators on the planet…but not if you have a plan.

Content calendars are the golden ticket to managing your blog strategy.  They help you plan out topics, what you want to say, and any nitty-gritty details that monopolize your time when writing a blog.

My Tip: Start with a simple content calendar (i.e., a spreadsheet on Excel or Google Sheets) that plans the topic for your blog, the title, any links you want to include, and a general outline of the content.  Create this at the beginning of each month and then follow it when it comes time to write! If things change along the way, that’s okay – but at least you had a plan to jumpstart your writing!

Have some fun already.

#Truthbomb coming up…Unless you are having fun writing blog content and managing your space – it’s not worth it.  Your blog content should come from a place of passion and expertise that you are DYING to share with your audience. If it’s not, you may want to reevaluate your plans.  

My Tip: Write about the things you know and love. Write because you want to share with your audience. Write the way you talk instead of creating a voice that’s fake and takes work to produce. When you do these things, successful blog posts will come, and you’ll be eager to write them instead of running in the other direction!

I will say there are a plethora of other elements that go into creating a successful blog like knowing your audience, doing keyword research, and incorporating a little bit of SEO. I beg you, however, to not think about those things right now if you are just starting out.  Simply focus on writing and sharing and the rest will fall into place (with a little bit of work) once you are ready.

Remember, if you are blogging at all, you have a reason to pat yourself on the back. It’s hard work! With these tips, however, things might (hopefully) become a little easier! So, go get it done and have some fun!

***I am passionate about helping others create content that helps them connect with their audience.  If you think you could use a little assistance with your blog strategy, I have GREAT news! I’m teaming up with Sara to give away a Blog Content Strategy Session complete with a 500-word blog post to one of you lucky go-getters! And, if you aren’t a blogger, you can enter to win a custom Resume and Cover Letter instead!

To enter, comment below with one goal for your blog, your career, or even just your week! Giveaway ends June 7 at 11:59pm.***

The Not So Secret Secrets to Creating a Blog Strategy that Works for YOU! {Guest Post} |

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  1. How do you to find content that isn’t already done by so many other bloggers? I follow a lot of bloggers and eventually they all seem to cover the same thing or both do their own version of a “weekly/monthly work out schedule”. How does one stay current without being so trendy that they blend in with the rest?

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