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Otherwise known as "my journey to pursue my dreams of becoming the real life version of J.Lo in The Wedding Planner."

Honestly though, I really have loved weddings for as long as I can remember. My friend and I used to obsess over that movie and talk about our dreams of going into the wedding business ourselves. That's not to say I've followed a straight and narrow path towards this career (God knows my interests have been and continue to be ever-changing), but there are a few experiences that have led me to this adventure.

One of the first, most influential opportunities I had was my job as a bridal consultant at a local bridal store. I LOVED that job and literally getting to play dress up with brides and their bridal parties every day. It was such a privilege and so much fun to watch brides realize they had found the dress of their dreams. I also loved helping brides make their vision come to life with just the right colors and styles for their wedding attire. The girls I worked with made that job even more amazing. To this day, we still support each other in everything from weddings to babies to this whole adulting thing. I worked there throughout college, and along the way I had several other internships and work-study positions that cultivated my love of events in general.

During my junior year I was able to transfer my work-study position into the Office of Student Activities. Again, LOVED that job. Seriously, it was so fun planning events and hosting performers, such as singers, comedians, speakers... and working with other students for battle of the bands and their RSO events. I also had the opportunity to do an internship in the Wellness Department and helped plan their Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo. That was such a great learning experience and I enjoyed the fact that every day was different in pulling together all the details of the event. I feel blessed to have had such great experiences and wonderful mentors in those four years.

Fast forward to today, I'm back at my alma mater, working in the Alumni Engagement office as the Event Coordinator. I've been there about a year and a half, and the title alone still makes me go all emoji with the heart eyes! But I can't deny my ever-existing passion for weddings, and now I'm ready to take that passion and share it with brides and grooms! I want to offer my assistance based on knowledge and experience, and help them plan the best, happiest day! So if that sounds like something you're looking for, hit that contact button and let's connect! Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your love story!

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