5 Ways to Update Your Space for Fall

One thing you should know about me is that I love fall. That’s not to say I don’t love the other seasons (although I’m only slightly in like with winter), but there’s just something I especially love about the trees changing colors, the air getting cooler, and the stores restocking scarves and boots.

To get in the fall spirit (besides wearing boots and tights in September), I do a few simple things to make our apartment decor more cozy and colorful for fall. The best part is, most of these ideas can be simple, cheap, or even free!

1. Restock basic essentials, especially the ones that come in fun, fall scents!




Another thing I always loved about fall was back-to-school shopping. I used to obsess over finding the perfect  notebooks, folders, pencils, and pens, no matter how big my stockpile already was. I just loved starting the school year with that fresh and new feeling. Since I don’t need as many school supplies these days, in the fall I choose to stock up on other basic essentials for my apartment instead. (Well, in addition to a few “school” supplies like planners and post-its because, well, I have a problem.)

For instance, nothing says a new season like seasonal soaps and candles. Although some may argue that candles are not basic essentials, and it isn’t essential to spend extra on the fancy soaps, you can’t argue that little splurges like those can’t make you just a little happier. In fact, I love buying these two items at Bath and Body Works, but I only go when they have awesome sales going on, which is pretty often if you stay up-to-date on their emails!

I recommend taking this seasonal shift to restock on actual basic essentials as well. Think of this time as a clean slate to get your home and yourself prepared for the holidays and winter months ahead. I think you call it adulting when you’re actually excited about having toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies ready on deck…

2. Stock up on pumpkins.


Because October. And Halloween. Obvious choice I know. There’s just so many ways you can decorate them! Mine are obviously undecorated at the moment, but for fun ideas, check out my Pinterest board! If you’re not the decorating type, you can find super cute, affordable pumpkin decor at places like TJ Maxx (see glass pumpkin below for cuteness reference). Or just buy some plain ole pumpkins and prop them up in every corner of your home. Boom. Instant fall.

3. Reorganize the decor you already have.


This is a year-round thing for me. When I don’t feel like spending a lot of money, or don’t feel like adding another piece of decor to our already small-ish one bedroom apartment, I just reorganize what I already have and find new uses for certain pieces. I promise you, by moving around the decor you have – maybe a candle from your living room to your bathroom, or a picture frame from your bedroom to your shelves – you can feel like you’re brightening up your space without spending a penny.

Above I have my candle wine cork centerpiece that typically sits on our dining room table year-round, and I’ve added some fall flair using my glass pumpkin find and my FAVORITE “Leaves” scented candle from Bath and Body Works. By bringing in the new and mixing it with the old, you can create fresh new environments with good vibes for yourself.

4. Visit local shops for unique, vintage, or handmade finds.


Use this as a general shopping suggestion! Speaking of mixing new and old, think about visiting local shops to find decor that’s unique, vintage, or handmade. Fall is a great time to incorporate raw and rustic decor into any type of living space.

In the downtown area where we live, there’s a new local shop that sells re-purposed furniture and decor, and that’s where I found this hand-painted sign. I love it so much, I might just keep it up all year!

5. Repeat to self: You can never have too many pillows.


This post originally started as a post solely about pillow shopping (you’re welcome for editing). I am perpetually looking for new pillows. It’s actually a running joke between my mom and my boyfriend… but that doesn’t mean I’m always buying them! I can be quite the indecisive pillow purchaser (and things purchaser in general), and I’m not always looking to spend a pretty penny on new pillows. It’s not like I can just buy one, you feel me?

When I am in the market to scope out new pillows, TJ Maxx and Target are a couple of my favorite places, because I’m always looking for good deals. But I recently came across an article that opened my eyes to the world of pillow covers from H&M. Oh. My. Goodness. They’re insanely affordable and if you already have the right size pillows, it’s an even better deal! If you don’t, they sell pillow inserts for about $7 – $10, which is still pretty affordable for a pillow. I had been thinking of sewing my own pillow covers, but let’s be honest, I think a $4 pillow cover is worth not having to go to the fabric store, get the right thread, zipper, etc., and sit for a few hours making sure I get the size and every little detail right. Plus like I said, indecisive over here.

So today I present to you: living room pillow makeover: fall edition, brought to you by H&M (not really. not sponsored.) I’m so happy with the final look! The quality of the covers and inserts is great. I highly recommend checking out H&M’s pillow selection online, and I look forward to changing up the living room more often!




Where are your favorite places to find home decor and pillows?

Happy shopping!

P.S. Just sharing how lovely the sun shines into our apartment. 🙂



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